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Dry Eye Treatment

Optometrist in Sudbury, Ontario Area

Providing a treatment option for chronic dry eye associated with MGD.

My eyes burn!! My eyes water!! My eyes are red!! My vision gets blurry on my computer!! I wake up and my eyes feel sticky!! Guess what, your eyes are dry!!

Pick a symptom that best describes your eyes, or maybe it is all of them. Either way, there are some solutions to this chronic disease that affects us in so many ways. So many people live with Dry Eye Disease (DED) and think that it must be their glasses that don’t work or that it’s normal to feel this way.

There are many options associated with the treatment of DED. It will vary from Artificial Tears which are an easily available option to help, to more advanced treatments such as LIPIFLOW that allow a long-term solution to evaporative DED.

Come see our independent Optometrist at Eye Style Optical to determine which type of DED you are dealing with and offer the best comprehensive treatment plan to help control this disease according to your needs and expectations.

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Dry Eye Treatment